富譯工業成立於1995年,是一間傳統的金屬製品加工製造廠,因應時代的變遷,市場需求改變和提升,開始增添各項機器設備。2001年陸續引進專業的電腦數控加工設備CNC銑床機具以及各種CNC車銑床複合加工機,提供客戶有關金屬零件加工的各項服務,並依據客戶需求提供各製程之整合規劃及品質管理系統,轉型升級為具有OEM及ODM能力的先鋒企業。於2008年通過ISO 9001品質認證,提升客戶與供應商品質、效率及降低生產成本。面對國內、外日益嚴峻的競爭情勢,富譯憑藉深厚的專業知識與技能,在金屬加工領域不斷創新,不斷追求更優質的品質、提供專業的服務。近幾年來積極進行管理制度與設備技術的創新變革,包括連續幾年申請取得勞動部「企業人力資源提升計畫暨充電起飛計畫」,透過輔導諮詢及訓練執行等措施強化健全人才培訓發展,有效投資富譯人力資本;富譯目前也已獲得IATF16949認證,取得進入汽車供應鏈市場的資格。

Precision is not just craftsmanship; it’s a commitment.

Fuyih Industrial, established in 1995, started as a traditional metal products processing and manufacturing company. In response to changing times and market demands, it began to add various machinery and equipment. By 2001, Fuyih had gradually introduced specialized CNC milling machines and various CNC turning and milling compound machines, providing customers with a range of metal parts processing services. Based on customer needs, Fuyih offers integrated planning and quality management systems for all processes, transforming and upgrading into a pioneering company with OEM and ODM capabilities. In 2008, Fuyih achieved ISO 9001 quality certification, enhancing customer and supplier quality, efficiency, and reducing production costs.

Facing increasingly fierce domestic and international competition, Fuyih leverages its profound expertise and skills to continually innovate in the field of metal processing, relentlessly pursuing higher quality and providing professional services. In recent years, Fuyih has actively carried out innovative reforms in management systems and equipment technology. This includes applying for and obtaining the Ministry of Labor’s “Enterprise Human Resources Enhancement Plan and Recharge and Take-off Plan” for several consecutive years, strengthening and developing robust talent training through guidance, consulting, and training measures, and effectively investing in Fuyih’s human capital. Currently, Fuyih has also obtained IATF16949 certification, qualifying it to enter the automotive supply chain market.